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Welcome to the Developer Zone

Through our Trading API or FIX Trading Gateway, third-parties can take advantage of Patsystems' advanced server-based back-end technology, which provides high-end risk management tools and extensive exchange connectivity, and benefit from brokers who use Patsystems' technology

The Developer Zone assists both new and existing Patsystems' API and FIX customers with developing, testing and conforming trading applications to Patsystems' trading architecture.

The following facilities are available:

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Trading API

Patsystems provides a high performance proprietary API library for futures and options. It provides direct access to real-time market data, and delivers advanced strategy support.

FIX Trading Gateway

FIX - Financial Information eXchange - is the de facto connectivity standard for the financial industry. It serves all levels: front-office trading applications, mid- or back-office systems and exchanges. Patsystems is a member of the Global Derivatives Steering Committee, which means that we help shape the development of the FIX standard.